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There are many kinds of roofing materials, and each material has a different lifespan. To protect your home from water damage, you must understand the common signs that mean that your roof requires maintenance.

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Many homeowners do not understand that a leaky roof is a major fire hazard. This is possible because the water will affect the home's electrical wiring. After the water accesses the home's framework, it can damage the wires in the ceilings easily. So, if you have a leaky roof, turn off the electricity immediately and call a professional roofer. In addition, have an electrician inspect the area where the leak occurred to protect your family from a possible electrical injury.

Leaks also cause health problems because the water enters the woodwork; over time, the dampen areas will attract mold and mildew. A home has a mold problem whenever there are dark spots along the ceiling. If the framework becomes moldy, the home will be unsafe because the structure will weaken. In addition, breathing in the moldy air will lead to serious health problems.

How A Roof Reduces Energy Costs

An energy efficient roof keeps homeowners cool in the summer and cozy in the winter because it is made from unique materials. Roofs that offer the most effective energy savings contain a high solar reflectance. This means that the roof reflects energy from the sun instead of absorbing it.

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